Kosher Kollege would not be where it is today without help from some fantastic guest chefs and writers. Read about these fabulous people below, and click on their name or picture for a page of their recipes!

Aaron Wildavsky is a member of the Israeli Defense Forces. This was a confusing decision to all, as Aaron is not particularly zealous in the same way that most lone soldiers are. The leading theory is that Aaron didn’t know what to do with his life and likes shawarma and disorganization, so he went to Israel. Honestly, not a bad call on his part. Before joining the IDF, Aaron attended Washington University in St. Louis, where he studied political science and history. An interesting culinary note about Aaron: He doesn’t leave himself enough time in the morning for his instant coffee to cool, so he makes it with lukewarm tap water. Weird.

Reuben Jesse Cohen is a freelance literary critic based out of Wheaton, MD. By this I mean that Reuben enjoys fine literature and is currently, much to his chagrin, in Montgomery County looking for a job as he recovers from his 17th foot surgery. Reuben graduated from Sarah Lawrence College, where he majored in nothing because they don’t have majors. While not busy with such scholarly pursuits, Reuben enjoys watching baseball and tasting foreign beers. Additionally, he is an ordained priest as well as a Yiddish revivalist. Though he has had a lot of unique job experience recently, Reuben’s current goals remain unchanged: he hopes to be living a hipster city doing something.

Talia Menche is a senior at Washington University in St. Louis studying psychology. Talia is from New York City, where she graduated from Ramaz. At Wash U, Zimi – I mean Talia – is a member of Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority and served as the president of the Chabad Student Association board. She is also involved with the SWAP program, where she probably does something but mostly just hosts Facebook events. Talia is legendary for her Spotify playlists, which have been described by many as both “fun” and “chill”.

Rachel Multz is a sophomore (or whatever they call them in med school) at the Boston University School of Medicine. It is unclear whether or not she is actually studying medicine, or just looking at cute pictures of English Premier League soccer players. Previously, Rachel attended Washington University in St. Louis, where she was pre-med but also inexplicably studied history. She grew up in Nassau County, Long Island, a hometown which she is extremely proud of. Perhaps most importantly, Rachel is unmatched in her love for British TV, especially shows which feature tall and handsome Jewish actors who can sing.

Aaron Graubert is an algorithms-maker-guy for the Broad Institute in Boston. This job allows Aaron to pursue his passion of bioinformatics (even though he still doesn’t know what that is) and dressing extremely casually for work. This is Aaron’s first foray outside of St. Louis, as he grew up and attended college there. Well, except for that one time he walked 12 miles without realizing it while playing Pokemon Go. In addition, Spongebob has a very special place in Aaron’s heart, and he can quote it like nobody’s business.

Ellen Lalk is a graduate student at MIT, researching (or studying, or working, I’m not really sure what you do in grad school) oceanic chemistry or something else cool. This perhaps explained why she studied chemistry at Washington University in St. Louis, a choice which made little sense to anyone (including Ellen herself). Also, people at grad school probably get a lot of free tee shirts, and Ellen lives for that. Despite her convoluted academic career, Ellen still finds time to pursue her true passion: collecting anything and everything penguin themed. Of course Ellen has the obvious collectibles, like stuffed animals, pillows, and scented candles, but she also has an ice bucket with penguins on it. Now that’s dedication.

David Solkowitz is a student at Hebrew College in Boston, where he is studying for a masters in Jewish Education. He also works at Temple Aliyah in Needham as a Hebrew School teacher. David attended Indiana University, where he presumably did something other than go to basketball games and Shabbat dinners, but nobody knows for sure. Most importantly, David’s name is pronounced “Daveed,” with a long e sound. Do not mess this up. Also, David is the only person wearing a tie in their Kosher Kollege headshot. Classy move. And seriously, anybody wearing a tie deserves to have their name pronounced correctly.

Jen Greenberg is a professional development… developer, I guess, at the United States Department of Justice. However, As she often (read: always) has to inform people, she majored in religious studies, and not anything having to do with politics* at Washington University in St. Louis. (*Note: the interplay between religion and politics is too complex for the scope of this bio). Jen is a proud alum of Golda Och Academy in West Orange, New Jersey, where apparently all they learn is how to say “Aaron” so it sounds like “Aaaaaaaaaaron”. Her presence as a contributor to a food blog may surprise many, as she has been known to have some form of cheese on some form of bread (yes, Jen, pasta counts as some form of bread) for at least 3 out of every 4 meals. However, Jen now eats 2 kinds of vegetables! Good for you, Jen.

Jon Galitzer is a [insert money-related occupation here], where he is doing something that still requires him to post a lot on social media about real estate. He graduated early (or maybe just bailed after three years) from the University of Maryland, where he took his studies seriously and his social responsibilities seriously-er. In his free time, Jon enjoys the great outdoors, in particular hiking, fishing, or anything that gives him an excuse to wear a bucket hat. Jon is newly married! His wife, Rebecca, also has a recipe on Kosher Kollege, but she was smart enough to decline a personal bio. Good for you, Rebecca.

Zimi Sloyer is a senior at Washington University in St. Louis studying business something and psych something. Zimi grew up in Stamford, Connecticut, but everyone knows that she spent school nights sleeping on the roof of Ramaz, where she went to high school. At Wash U, Zimi is a member of Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority and served on the Chabad Student Association board. She enjoys following the Yankees, and dreams of one day being the first ever female MLB team GM, or at least being able to hang out with Aaron Judge.

Alex Ingber is… well, he’s being kind of mysterious about what he’s up to right now. Anyway, Alex graduated from Colorado State University, even though he took a gap year in the middle of college to attend Yeshivat Reishit. On campus, Alex was a leader of both the wrestling team (he’s jacked) and the Jewish community, and he is known by all as someone who puts his heart into everything he does. Alex was directly involved in the opening of a Kosher bistro on CSU’s campus, which makes him an expert when it comes to Kosher food in college.

Avichai Ozur Bass is a research assistant (?) at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, a job which allows him to engage with his two favorite pieces of middle eastern culture: potential inter-ethnic linguistic connections, and soccer. I guess that’s what a Princeton degree gets you these days. While at Princeton, Avichai traveled to Senegal, Tanzania (at least, I’m pretty sure it was Tanzania and not Tasmania), Lisbon, Flores Island, and Cyprus. In theory these programs were all academic, but it seems that Avichai spent more time learning about the local cuisine and fashion than he did in the classroom. So, in a sense, Avichai is currently reliving those days. The only downside to Avichai’s current line of work is that he thought that the “tank” in a think thank meant you could wear a tanktop everyday, which he learned the hard way is not true.

Alex Griffel is a fellow at the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in Israel. It should be noted, however, that Alex is a true renaissance man, with interests ranging from Shakespeare to baseball to debating baseball to writing about baseball. Truly eclectic. Alex previously lived in New York, as he is unaware that it is in fact lawful to live in other locales in the United States. However, he often introduces himself as being from St. Louis, which confuses everyone. Alex's credentials as a food blogger include a worrisome devotion to parve desserts, most notably the notoriously elusive "Kohn's upside down cupcake".

Made by Robbie Shorr