Recipe made by: Robbie Shorr (with help from Mom!)

Charoset: What would us maror haters do without you when making our Hillel sandwich? And what would us autumnal flavor lovers eat as a Pesach snack if not for you? Hopefully, you’re now convinced that Charoset is as essential to the holiday as is any other food on the seder plate. Unfortunately, Charoset is too often not given the attention it deserves, as people are understandably very busy with the other preparations for the Seder. However, since Charoset really just requires some chopping and some mixing, it can hastily be prepared yet still end up creative and delicious. Now that’s a Kosher Kollege success story if I’ve ever heard one.


  • Granny smith apples
  • Walnuts
  • Pecans
  • Dates
  • Sweet potato chips
  • Grape juice
  • Maple syrup
  • Cinnamon
  • Salt


  1. Chop the apples, walnuts, pecans, and dates into pieces slightly smaller than bite-sized.
  2. Mix the above ingredients together, and crumble in the sweet potato chips.
  3. Pour grape juice, maple syrup, cinnamon, and two pinches of salt over the above mixture. Combine so that everything is coated evenly.

Why this recipe is good for college students:

  • All that this recipe requires is chopping and mixing, so it lends itself very well to a busy schedule. Additionally, it’s highly customizable, as anything sweet that you have around can be thrown in.

Why this recipe is good for those who keep Kosher:

  • Anything that you could possibly imagine adding to your Charoset can be found parve and kosher for Pesach, so you won’t run into any problems.

What I would do differently if I made this recipe again

  • Well, I guess I won’t know ’til I eat it tonight!