About our Designer

Mira Mellman is a senior at Brandeis University in Boston, where she is studying psychology and studio art, with a concentration in painting. She is originally from Washington, D.C., and loves making fun of her family and crying tears of joy at happy occasions.

In addition to all of this, Mira is also an amazing graphic designer! She designed all of Kosher Kollege's logos, as well as the website. In Mira's own words, she "love[s] the art of putting together a concept, some text, and some pictures to create a visually enticing and cohesive message," and she most definitely accomplished that masterfully for Kosher Kollege. You can check out Mira's other work at her website (and you know that a graphic designer's website about graphic design is going to be good, the same way you know a doctor's doctor is going to be good), and apparently she is "just getting started!", so please take a look!

Made by Robbie Shorr